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Immersive Landscape: Representation through Gaming Technology /Spring 2016

  • Harvard University Graduate School of Design 48 Quincy Street Gund Hall Cambridge, MA 02138 USA (map)

Immersive Landscape: Representation through Gaming Technology


Eric de Broche des Combes

Course Description

The course is aimed at investigating new ways to interpret, conceive and describe landscape. While traditional methods of representation will prevail for some time, they make the cognitive process a one-way circumstance with an "emitter" and a "listener" that barely interact. Game technologies permit the creation of realistic, oniric, utopian as well as dystopian universes. It is possible to use, disregard, twist, bend or re-invent the laws of physics, the flow of time, the hazards of weather, the perception of depth, but most importantly, it permits absolute freedom.

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, connections will need to be made through studies of landscape representation in the arts, movies and, not surprisingly, video games.