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Luxigon at “
Vertex 2019” - March 8th in London

Illustration vs. Realism

Date & Time

Friday, March 8, 2019, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Eric de Broche des Combes - Luxigon


A perilous attempt to try figuring out where to draw the line between imagination and reality. Shall imagery describe the form or the spirit of a project? Do architectural visualisations need a style? Are people educated enough to perceive what is real from what is not? Are the softwares our tools or are we the tools of the softwares? God... so many questions, so little time."

Location Name

ArchViz Room

Full Address

Olympia conference centre
Hammersmith Rd
London W14 8UX
United Kingdom



Luxigon ♥︎ Milan

Let’s start the year with the best news ever, Luxigon turns Italian with the opening of a new office in Milan.
Cristian Chierici (yes, “the” Cristian Chierici from UFO ) will be in charge.
Via Lecco 2 20124 Milan | Italy
+33 7 83 64 76 64