The Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center featured on the cover of Oculus Magazine fall issue.
Images by us.

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CLAD Mag 2017 - Issue 1

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Candide No. 9 - The Grey of the Sky

The Grey of the Sky 

Eric de Broche des Combes, Laurent Théaux in conversation with Lutz Robbers

The abstract can be found here.

Harvard Design Magazine

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The Tripping Subject 

by Martti Kalliala

"Rather than images an sich—images aware of their status as things to be beheld—these renderings are illusionistic: they present a privileged, particular viewpoint on a speculative reality. "

Read the issue here:

Departures Magazine

Digital Frontier | Can you believe this isn't real?

by Mark Ellwood

A sneak peek of the article on Departures Magazine - an American lifestyle magazine published by Time Inc, available only to holders of American Express' Platinum card.

La hauteur pour tous | Édouard François

This book was printed in 1150 copies. Each piece is unique. Before filming at the printer, Edward François himself spent each coverage yellow Stabilo hand and we were gifted one of them (and the beautiful cover image too).

To purchase the book and find out more about Edouard François' concepts: Editions L' oeil d'or

ISBN 978-2-913661-65-3

7 days in the life of REM

Illustrations by Eric de Broche des Combes

Order here.